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Since 2004, there has been a steady decline in the mental wellbeing in the UK. Recent statistics demonstrate that there is 48% elevation in the mental health needs of our children and young people. Our need to promote emotional wellbeing starts at birth, when the connection and attachment that we have to people and our environment is key.

As little people, we often feel the same emotions as adults, but in a different way. We don’t always have words for what we feel, know how to express this or show it. For many adults this is the same.

The amazing Moodbears are 6 cuddly bears that each express one of the 6 recognised feelings. These bears encourage us all to talk, listen and understand our feelings, thoughts and moods. For everyone in need of a hug or a means to start finding a way to show your feelings, the Mood Bears can be a helpful and comforting part of this process to people all over the world.

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Mood Bear

Happy Bear, Hope Bear, Love Bear, Nervous Bear, Sad Bear, Silly Bear


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