Isaac The Master Of Emotions

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Isaac struggles with his feelings and emotions and finds it hard make friends.  But with the help of Draggo (his special toy dragon).

He learns how to master his emotions by using some simple mindfulness techniques.

This book is for any child that sometimes feels a little different, anxious or has higgledy-piggledy emotions. 

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2 reviews for Isaac The Master Of Emotions

  1. Debbie Marks (verified owner)

    What an amazing book! My kids absolutely loved this. My daughter is taking it into school to show her teacher. It’s also make her start talking about mindfulness and understanding what it means. Thank you for creating this amazing book.

  2. Jo FitzGerald (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this book. All children benefit by being able to recognise their emotions and learn how to manage them. This is a lovely story and a great way to start the conversation about feelings, emotions and ways for children to support their own wellbeing.

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